Who opens Burden Bearers offices?

Usually there are two main groups or individuals who initiate new counselling offices in Alberta.

A. Interested groups

It may be that a group of individuals from a church or from a geographic region or unique demography sense together the desire to start some sort of counselling ministry.

These individuals would gather and perhaps gain insight on formation from an existing office

In accordance with Burden Bearers Society Constitution and Bylaws they could draw up their own charter outlining their purposes and charter members. These persons would organize themselves in such a way as to become the responsible body to advertise for, hire, employ and care for such counsellor(s) as the new venture might require. Policy development would run apace with the overall establishment of the ministry.  

B. Interested Counsellors

It may be a counsellor in a location who lacks an employer and is enterprising enough to begin an office.

In this scenario that counsellor would first set out to establish a trustworthy group to whom s/he will become accountable and in turn that group would organize themselves as a local Burden Bearers board as per the above description.